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.45 Parts

.45 Parts and Accessories

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No Image 45b5 Barrel 5 inch chrome line with barrel link and barrel link pin attached Y 65.00
No Image 45bbnm Barrel Bushing N.M. Y 15.00
No Image 45bbs Barrel Busing Std Y 10.00
No Image 45blp Barrel Link Pin Y 1.00
No Image 45bls Barrel Link Set - 5 size set various center to center sizing Y 20.00
No Image 45e Extractor Y 15.00
No Image 45fp Firing Pin Y 8.00
No Image 45fps Firing Pin Spring Y 2.00
No Image 45spst Firing Pin Stop GI Y 7.00
No Image 45gps Grip Plastic Set GI take-off very good condition Y 10.00
No Image 45 gsb Grip Screw Bushing Y 1.00
No Image 45h Hammer new GI checkered spur Y 15.00
No Image 45hs Hammer Strut Y 5.00
No Image 45hsp Hammer Strut Pin Y 1.00
No Image 45mcp Mainspring Cap Y 2.00
No Image 45mcpn Mainspring Cap Pin Y 1.00
No Image 45mshpl Mainspring Housing Plunger Y 2.00
No Image 45mshrtp Mainspring Housing Retaining Pin Y 1.50
No Image 45mshs Mainspring Housing Spring Y 3.00
No Image 45pt Plunger Tube Y 10.00
No Image 45rpl Recoil Plug Y 7.00
No Image 45rsp Recoil Spring 16# Y 0.95
No Image 45rsg Recoil Spring Guide Y 7.00
No Image 45sd Safety Detent Y 2.00
No Image 45 sear Sear N 12.00
No Image 45searp Sear Pin Y 0.95
No Image 45 SearSP Sear Spring N 5.00
No Image 45ss Slide Stop GI serrated Y 10.00
No Image 45ssp Slide Stop Plunger Y 2.00