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Misc. GI Surplus

Misc. GI Surplus Parts and Accessories

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No Image ms203fpg 203 Firing Pin Protrusion Gage new in wrap Y 7.00
No Image m30th 30 Cal. "T" handle cleaning rod Y 3.00
No Image m50calb 50 Cal. Chamber Brush New Y 3.00
No Image m60mmpm 60mm Practice Mortar M69 Registered mail is required for shipping cost to ship qty of 1-3 is 26.45 Y 35.00
No Image mbarmag BAR Magazine *Must Compy with all Federal/State/Local laws Y 25.00
No Image mwwfh Dummy WWII original fuse head with replica spoon Y 5.00
No Image mflly Foot Locker Locks (Yale) New in box Y 25.00
No Image mshkg3 HK-G3 sling very good condition includes all metal hardware Y 15.00
No Image mkerr Kerr Sling used good condition Y 45.00
No Image maMAS MAS Sling Y 12.00
No Image mm22b Mossburg 22B Stock used excellent condition Y 10.00
No Image musm8a1 Scabbard USM8A1 Used good condition no cracks ,functional snaps Y 20.00
No Image mssksbyt SKS Bayonet New with all hardware Y 12.00
No Image mskssl SKS Sling New in wrapper Y 12.00
No Image mssksstrp SKS Stripper Clip (5) new Y 3.00
No Image msten Sten Magazine 32rd. used excellent *Must comply w/ federal/state/local laws Y 15.00
No Image mtbopp Thompson Bay of Pig Pouch Y 25.00
No Image mthmag Thompson Magazine used 30 rd. *Must comply with all federal/state/local laws Y 20.00
No Image msuzildr UZI clip loader new Y 12.00
No Image mcsb66 vietnam era sleeping bag carrier new condition Y 10.00