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Misc. Gun Parts

Misc. Gun Parts

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No Image fnbltctch FN bolt catch Y 15.00
No Image fnonepcsfp FN firing pin Y 20.00
No Image fnmagctch FN mag catch Y 12.00
No Image fnsear FN sear Y 12.00
No Image fntrigg FN trigger Y 20.00
No Image fntrggrd FN trigger guard Y 12.00
No Image fntrigpin FN trigger pin Y 5.00
No Image hkfirpin HK G3 firing pin Y 15.00
No Image sksasweldr SKS accessory well door Y 8.00
No Image sksbltstp SKS bolt stop Y 10.00
No Image sksgascylbrkt SKS gas cylinder bracket Y 15.00
No Image sksmagctcklatch SKS magazine catch latch Y 10.00
No Image sksmanl SKS owners manual Y 5.00
No Image sksrsbase SKS rear sight base Y 25.00
No Image sksrslf SKS rear sight leaf Y 8.00
No Image sksrslfspr SKS rear sight leaf spring Y 5.00
No Image sksrearstsld SKS rear sight slide New to excellent condition Y 5.00
No Image sksrearswivl SKS rear sling swivel Y 10.00
No Image sksrclspggd SKS recoil spring guide Y 10.00
No Image sksmntferl SKS stock mounting ferrulle Y 10.00
No Image skstrgbar SKS trigger w/bar Y 25.00
No Image sprbndspr Springfield 03 band spring U.S. G,I. Y 12.00
No Image sprbolt Springfield 03 bolt US G.I. stripped new in wrap Y 45.00
No Image sprcutoff Springfield 03 cut off w/o internal parts U.S. G.I. Y 18.00
No Image sprejtr Springfield 03 ejector new old stock US G.I. Y 6.00
No Image sprext1 Springfield 03 extractor new old stock USGI NOS Y 15.00
No Image sprhgrdbnd Springfield 03 handguard band new US G.I. Y 10.00
No Image sprfollow Springfield 03 milled follower U.S. G.I. Y 15.00
No Image sprtool Springfield 03 multi purpose tool new US G.I. NOS - New Old Stock Y 15.00
No Image sprrecoil Springfield 03 recoil spring new US G.I. NOS - new old stock Y 8.00
No Image sprstryker Springfield 03 stryker new US G.I. NOS - New Old Stock Y 10.00
No Image spr1903a1hg Springfield 1903A1 handguard w/clips new old stock Y 20.00
No Image sprmagspr Springfiels 03 magazine spring US G.I. new in wrap Y 10.00
No Image tombolt Thompson bolt model 1928 stripped new in wrap Y 75.00
No Image tompeject Thompson ejector Y 10.00
No Image tomstk Thomson stock Orignial surplus condition is very good Y 25.00