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M1-Carbine Parts

M1-Carbine Parts and accessories list.

Image Item Description In Stock Price Add to Cart
No Image m1cp-bcm2r Bolt Complete M-2 Round* various manufacturers Priced differently Y 0.00
No Image m1cp-bdtgi Bolt Disassembly Tool G.I. New old stock Y 60.00
No Image m1cp-bp Buttplate NEW in GI wrap, makers will vary Y 20.00
No Image m1cp-bps Buttplate Screw new old stock Y 2.00
No Image CAR-BLK Carbine Disconnector Block Y 18.00
No Image m1cp-dl Disconnector Lever M-2* Y 40.00
No Image m1cp-dsp Disconnector spring and plunger M-2* Y 5.00
No Image m1cp-ea Ejector Assembly Y 7.00
No Image m1cp-ed Extractor Detent Y 3.00
No Image m1cp-es Extractor Spring Y 1.00
No Image m1cp-fp Firing Pin Y 12.00
No Image m1cp-fbt Front Band Type III - bayonet lug Y 40.00
No Image m1cp-fsk Front Sight Key Y 5.00
No Image m1cp-fsp Front Sight Pin Y 2.00
No Image m1cp-gpn Gas Piston Nut Y 10.00
No Image m1cp-gpnw Gas Piston Nut Wrench Y 17.00
No Image m1cp-hm1 Hammer M-1 N 0.00
No Image m1cp-hp Hammer Pin Y 2.00
No Image m1cp-hs Hammer Spring Y 3.00
No Image m1cp-hst Hammer Strut Y 6.00
No Image m1cp-mc Mag. Catch Y 15.00
No Image m1cp-mcpa Mag. Catch Plunger Assembly Y 5.00
No Image m1cp-m15r Magazine 15 rd. in original wrap Y 35.00
No Image m1cp-mdc Magazine Dust Cover Y 0.50
No Image m1cp-mpb Magazine Pouch Belt New GI old stock Y 20.00
No Image m1cp-o Oiler Y 10.00
No Image m1cp-ors Op-rod Spring Y 5.00
No Image m1cp-orsu Op-rod Spring Universal Model {ONLY} Y 3.00
No Image m1cp-rp Recoil Plate GI NEW Y 10.00
No Image m1cp-rpn Recoil Plate Nut Y 5.00
No Image m1cp-rps Recoil Plate Screw Y 4.00
No Image m1cp-sdsa Safety Detent and Spring Assembly Y 6.00
No Image m1cp-sf Safety Flip Y 10.00
No Image m1cp-sm1 Sear M-1 new old stock Y 15.00
No Image m1cp-ss Sear Spring Y 1.00
No Image m1cp-slm2 Selector M-2* Y 30.00
No Image m1cp-slm1 Slide M-1 Y 85.00
No Image m1cp-ssd Slide Stop Detent N 3.00
No Image m1cp-sss Slide Stop Spring Y 1.00
No Image m1cp-sc Sling Commercial w/ G.I. post war oiler Y 20.00
No Image m1cp-thm2 Trigger Housing M-2* new in wrap Y 120.00
No Image m1cp-thp Trigger Housing Pin Y 2.00
No Image m1cp-tp Trigger Pin Y 3.00
No Image m1cp-tst Trigger Spring Tool Y 6.00