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M-16 / AR-15 Tools & Accessories

M-16 / AR-15 Tools & Accessories

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No Image 20rdpouch 20rd Nylon M16 Magazine Pouch holds 4 mags 2 alice clips pull strap VGC Original USGI Y 25.00
No Image taAw Accu-Wedge Y 4.00
No Image taawb Armorers Wrench (Barrel) Made in U.S.A. Lifetime Guarentee Y 30.00
No Image taAwcars Armorers Wrench M-4 Stock lock nut Made in U.S.A. Y 15.00
No Image taBw Barrel Wrench Y 15.00
No Image taBdt Bolt Disassembly Tool Y 20.00
No Image taBRK Bolt Repair Kit Y 35.00
No Image taBb Bore Brush Y 2.00
No Image taCb Chamber Brush Y 3.00
No Image taCkb Cleaning Kit Brush Y 1.50
No Image taFsatA1 Front Sight Adjusting Tool A1 Y 6.00
No Image taFsatA2 Front Sight Adjusting Tool A2 (4 prong) Y 7.00
No Image taFsatA21 Front Sight Adjusting Tool A2-A1 (5 prong one side 4 prong other side) Y 10.00
No Image taGtc Gas Tube Cleaner 20ct. Y 4.00
No Image taHgrt Handguard Removal Tool Made in U.S.A. Y 12.00
No Image taLrvb Lower Receiver Vise Block- Locks into mag catch Y 15.00
No Image taMcryb Muzzle Cover - Yellow Y 0.50
No Image taMcb Muzzle Cover Black Y 0.50
No Image taO Oiler Y 1.00
No Image taPK Pin Replacement Kit Y 12.00
No Image taPgp Pistol Grip Plug Y 5.00
No Image taPpit Pivot Pin Installation Tool Y 7.00
No Image taS Sling Y 10.00
No Image taSK Spring replacement kit Y 10.00
No Image taSbcar Stock Buttpad C.A.R. Y 15.00
No Image taSbm4s Stock Buttpad M-4 Style Y 15.00
No Image taUrvs Upper Receiver Vise Set for use on A1/A2/Flat top uppers Y 30.00
No Image taTsa USGI Original Top Sling Adaptor NOS with an original GI Silent Sling EUC you get both!!!! Y 15.00